smart instrumentation and optimization in interdisciplinary and industrial research and applications

Principal Investigator: Zoltán Gingl

The research is related to three main directions: fluctuation analysis of various systems and signals, multi-channel sensor fusion, optimization and network science. One of the aims of the project is to share the experience and methods of the different subfields and to aid applications of smart devices. Significant part of the work has interdisciplinary character, commercial, industrial, medical fields are involved including analysis of motion, activity or pollution, classification of neurophysiological signals, characterization of cryptocurrency social or transport networks. We plan to develop new algorithms and techniques that allow the state estimation of noisy real systems based on sensor fusion methods using multi-channel measurements. The developed methods will be implemented in simulation environment and SoC-based systems. Graph-based data mining and optimization related to smart systems, social connections, transportation networks will be also important part of the research.

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Balázs Bánhelyi, Tibor Csendes, Dénes Faragó, Boglárka Gazdag-Tóth, Viktor Homolya, Zoltán Kincses, András London, Róbert Mingesz, Szilveszter Pletl, András Pluhár, László Schäffer, Gergely Vadai, Tamás Vinkó

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