Dynamic models

Principal Investigator: Tibor Krisztin

We study dynamical models motivated by applications. The model equations can be difference equations, ordinary differential equations, functional differential equations, partial differential equations, equations with impulsive effects, equations in abstract spaces.

The main goal is to understand the dynamics of the given model equations. In order to achieve this we develop theoretical and numerical tools to get as much information as possible. The equations are nonlinear in most of the cases, the phase spaces are often infinite dimensional function spaces.

We plan to prove fundamental theoretical results and to develop numerical and computational tools as well.

These studies can lead to a better understanding of basic feedback mechanisms, some important aspects of networks. Although some of the models are biologically motivated, similar and analogous phenomena arise naturally in smart systems.

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Szandra Guzsvány, János Karsai, Géza Makay, Mónika Polner, Gergely Röst, Róbert Vajda

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