Our Research groups

Rudolf Ferenc

Software Quality and Security

Zoltán Gingl

Smart Instrumentation and Optimization in Interdisciplinary and Industrial Research and Applications

Tibor Gyimóthy

Artificial Intelligence in Telemedicine and Software Engineering

Márk Jelasity

Machine Learning Algorithms for Smart Systems

Attila Kertész

Infrastructure Platform Development

Ákos Kiss

Secure IoT Software Platforms

László Nyúl​

Image Analysis for Biomedical and Industrial Applications

Tibor Krisztin

Dynamic Models

Miklós Maróti

Applied Discrete Mathematics

Lajos Molnár

Structures of Matrices and Operators and Their Applications​

Gyula Pap

Stochastics and Their Applications​

Zoltán Kovács​

Geoscience Based Smart City Solutions​

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